Root #5 Summary

I’ve decided to do something new.  Reading translations is nice and all but it doesn’t help if you can’t see what is going on.  So I’m going to try my hand at summarizing chapters!

Root #5 Summary

The chapter opens exactly where Root #4 ended: A young boy with a cocky expression stares at Yuiko and Chikage, a mocking smile on his face.  Chikage is turning around, trying to identify the person that has Yuiko frozen in shock.  Suddenly, Yuiko grasps her shoulder in pain.  It can’t be, she thinks.

A voice calls: “Young master!” Maaya comes running up to the boy, wearing the uniform of Yuiko and Chikage’s school.  That’s when the pieces start connecting in Chikage’s head.  This boy is the Oni from earlier! (How they hell did you not see that Chikage?  >_<)

Even Oni is like…how can you not notice it’s me?  =_=’

He taunts Chikage by changing his hair color.  Chikage loses it and grabs Oni by the front of his shirt.  Chikage demands to know why the Oni are here.  Oni says Kikuichi supported this action, shocking Chikage.

“Don’t you remember me saying I’m the only one who can retrieve Yuiko’s soul – no one else.  If I’m not near her, how am I supposed to retrieve them?”

“You’re not the only one burdened if Yuiko dies.”

Oni says he won’t be the one to stay by Yuiko’s side – instead Maaya will take his place.  Oni comments how Chikage still seems pissed by the whole deal, provoking Chikage even more.

Before he has a chance to lose it, Aihara appears (if you don’t remember her, and I don’t blame you bc she suddenly disappeared into the great abyss back in Root #1, she’s like Chikage’s groupie.  And I think she’s going to do something evil.  She may turn out good later, but she’s definitely going to do an evil act.  You can just sense it).  Aihara demands to know why Chikage quit the kendo club.  Yuiko (who has pretty much been standing on the sidelines while the two males try to assert their dominance) is shocked by this news.  When did this happen!?

Chikage pretty much tells her to not stick her nose in his business.  Yuiko tries to reprimand Chikage for his harsh words but instead gets Aihara’s wrath.  Before a bitch fit can be thrown, Oni tells Aihara to calm down.  To which Aihara responds: “Satou-kun…

This is news to Yuiko and Chikage!

Oni has used some type of mass hypnosis to make the student body think he and Maaya are students.

The school bell rings.  Maaya grabs Yuiko and drags her to class.  Chikage tries to follow but Oni stops him.  We go this way (for they are in the same class supposedly).

In class, Yuiko is freaking out in her head.  All she wanted was to apologize to Chikage and now look at how things turned out!

When school is done, Chikage comes to pick her up.  Only he’s not alone.  Oni is with him.

On the way home, Master-san sees Yuiko and Chikage walking together.  He smiles, happy they are together again.  As Oni walks past the café, he senses something.  He looks back at Master-san, an enigmatic expression on his face.

Oni mentions later to Maaya, when they are alone in their man lair, that Chikage sucks so he wants to eat him.  Maaya scolds him, saying if it isn’t Yuiko, there is no reason to.  Oni eventually relinquishes to Maaya.

The next day, Oni plays 20 questions with Yuiko, asking about ever little thing in the city.  Chikage tries to interfere but Maaya distracts him by telepathically throwing a kid’s ball into traffic, resulting in the owner of the ball to run out into traffic.

Yuiko sees Chikage rescue the boy and smiles to herself.  Suddenly her bracelet glows, shocking her.  Oni tells her that through that ring/bracelet, he is able to provide her with energy.  He lifts his hand and shows his bracelet is also glowing.  He shocks Yuiko by saying Master-san has a piece of Yuiko’s soul.  Yuiko is able to sense it with Oni’s help.

At school, Oni questions how long Chikage is going to follow him around.  Chikage say’s he’ll leave him out of his sight.  Oni doesn’t like this and uses his powers to force a desk, which had been stacked for cleaning, to fall onto some girls.  Chikage runs over to check on the girls.  He suddenly realizes he let Oni out of his sight and chastises himself over the mistake.  He offers to take the girls to the infirmary.

The scene shifts over to Maaya and Yuiko.  Oni suddenly appears and grabs Yuiko.  They go flying out the school, much to Yuiko’s dismay.

Master-san looks up when he hears a noise outside.  The door opens and in strolls Oni and Yuiko (well, she is more like staggering in).  Oni snaps his fingers and puts Master-san to sleep.  His hand disappears into Master-san’s chest and he pulls out a sparkling shard.

“Well, this is as far as I can go.  As the owner, the one who can unite this soul is you Yuiko.”

“Is your heart ready?”

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